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Exclusive Final Expense Internet Leads

With my final expense internet lead, consumers are actively clicking on ads relating to Final Expense/Burial Insurance and are then offered the ability to request quotes and more information through my website, www.burialinsurancedirect.com. The page that you see when you click the link is the exact page the consumer sees.

There are no gimmicks or special offers and they are even told that a local agent will be contacting them before they fill out anything. The consumer will actually be happy to talk to you and they will know exactly why you are calling them. With my leads, you essentially get 4 points of contact. Of course the phone number, address for door knocking, email address and with my leads most people will provide a mobile phone number so you can also text them if need be.

No other company out there offers a true, real time, exclusive internet lead for consumers that are actually looking for Final Expense insurance. They may claim they do, but chances are you will be disappointed. I have customers in about 30 states and would happy to provide a reference to any prospective agent looking to purchase my leads.

Burial Insurance DirectAll leads are 100% exclusive

All territories are 100% exclusive

For this lead, the minimum territory you can choose is 1 county

All leads delivered in real time to your email

I never ask for or keep your billing/credit card information

The price per lead is $35 and I ask for prepayment of at least 10 leads to get started

Don't take my word for it, see what many insurance agents have to say»

Final Expense Lead Availability

At this time I have availability in some form in all states. Some states have more area sold than others so please send a list of counties in your state you would like to get leads in and I will check to see what is available.

Final Expense Lead Territories


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You can also call me at 1-800-717-3915.